FOOD DRIVE: Reflections of a Volunteer

By: Lamasia Moss

Service-Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service opportunities into a student’s coursework. Service Learning was a challenge course for me. I realized that I have to become more responsible and persistent if want to be successful in life. I learned how to network with people, and the importance of having an open mind when discussing different situations.

As nervous as I was, the mission and goal in participating in the Food Drive was to encourage people to donate and also collect donations. I wanted people to understand that there are less unfortunate people in the world and also within our community.

When I think about hunger, I envision fear, worry, a sense of unknowingness, and uncertainty. Not knowing when your next meal will be can bring the worse out of you. It can lead to depression and all types of mental disorders for some people. The Kingsborough community can encourage more students to get involved more with participating in the Food Drive or making fundraisers to donate and raise money for people in need of food.

Honestly my experience tabling was great. At first I was bit nervous because I haven’t been the most social person at Kingsborough. When people started coming up to me and conversing and interacting with me I became more confident with answering questions they asked regarding donating food. I felt like I really accomplished something which involved helping the Kingsborough Community. Also, I know I was able to help the families that are in need of food for the holidays. It made me appreciate life more and not to take life for granted.

A response to the blog “Service learning is ……”



I think that service learning has a deep purpose rather than encouraging you to participate on group activities or getting you involved and engaged with the society. I believe that service learning has an effect on us as individuals because it can help us discover a hidden part of our personalities. The more you participate in different services the better you know what are your interests; therefore, you will discover your own voice.




After participating in the service learning Junior Achievement program I learned some things. I had a great time, it was enjoyable, experiencing things as a teacher. The most important lesson I learned while spending a day teaching Junior Achievements was the responsibility and the hard work involved with being a teacher. One of the best things that I loved about this experience was that I got to experience the love and the smiles that the children share with you and the way that love and those smiles make you feel so wonderful and the joy to know that you made an impact in their life’s by making them smile. I also got to experience the way that the children are so curious about everything that is around them and all the funny questions that they ask. Which put a big smile in my face for the entire day. Which made me feel more exchangeable and more relax being a teacher. I always use to say that teachers have an easy job. That all they must do is go in front of the room and teach the students a lesson and tell us to stop talking. My experience in teaching Junior Achievement was that I learned that the teachers got through a lot to teach their students, and this is not easy for teacher how I used to think. The Junior Achievement change my thought. As I Put myself in a teacher’s position was one of the most wonderful experience of my life. Specially since from this day forward when I go to school and I see my teachers teaching I’m going to work them more seriously. Most of all from this day forward I’m going to thank my teachers each day for doing what they do by helping me and making me a better person in life and for teaching me what I know, without the help of my teachers in my life I would not have could write this letter and express to you this experience which meant a lot to me and made a big difference in my life. I think that this program is one of the best programs I have ever participated in. I felt so big and so important something that I have never experience before and felt before in my haul entire life. I look forward to teaching JA each year. The JA activities are charming and allow me to bring my world into the classroom.

Smiley Faces: my day as a JA teacher

I really loved this experience. The two days of training were so helpful because at first I was really nervous about the thought of being in charge of a classroom, but as I sat with the other volunteers and those who guided us through the process, I felt how my worries were drifting away.

The lesson plan was very detailed which made the whole situation a little more calming because as I kept reading the instructions I could actually see myself as a teacher. I really like kids and that’s the reason why I wanted to take part on the Junior Achievement for a day. At the same time, I didn’t know what to expect because children tend to be minded, full of curiosities, and insightful ideas. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I kept trying not to think about things going wrong. I feared being asked a question that I had not answer to, and if they would not pay attention to me at all.

The day in which I had to teach was really nice and I felt really good about the situation because the kids in my class were very engaging. They asked questions and were so eager to participate in the different activities that were part of the lessons. The highlight of my day was when I was about to leave the classroom and one of the students handed me a little letter in which she drew a smiley face and was thanking me for coming to her class. Along with my partner I think that it was a really good experience I would definitely try to do it again!

-Arlenis J Pena

Volunteer with “Little Dress for Africa”

sDo you have a passion for Fashion? Do you want to participate in a meaningful service opportunity?

Be a part of  THE BIG DINNER

The Big Dinner will raise money to help transform 12 villages in Africa and transform thousands of lives. The support will help provide these villages with: clean water, a primary school education, a community center, and ultimately improve lives!

The Little Dress for Africa, in collaboration with the Gwen Beloti Collection, is looking for volunteers to assist with prep work the day before the event and also assistance the day of.

Event Dates: Friday November 11th: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Saturday November 12th 4:30pm to 6:30pm, 6:30pm to 11:00pm
(Location NYFA 20 Jay St. Brooklyn, Ny)

Volunteers who work the during the event will be provided a free meal.

Visit C-102 for More Information


Hunger is NOT a Game

Every night, many students go to sleep deprived of food. This holiday season HELP Single Stop, the Service Learning Program and COPE provide food to those in need!! Stop by C-102 to sign up to participate today!

How can you get involved?

  • You can table in the breezeway and encourage others to donate and also help collect nonperishable food items from our campus community
    • Collect nonperishable items from your communities
    • Donate nonperishable food items
    • Bring donated items to C-102

 When can you help?

  • Students can table from November 7 to December 16th
  • Donations can be delivered to C-102 Mondays – Fridays 10am – 4pm

Dates                                                    Time: 11am – 2pm

  • food-drive-flyer_fall2016-portraitWednesday, November 9th
  • Thursday, November 10th (C-102 Table)
  • Tuesday, November 15th
  • Wednesday, November 16th
  • Tuesday, November 22nd
  • Wednesday, November 23rd
  • Wednesday, November 30th
  • Thursday, December 1st
  • Tuesday, December 6th (C-102 Table)
  • Wednesday, December 7th
  • Wednesday, December 14th
  • Thursday, December 15th

We wear PINK in October

Finally, it’s October. The month of specialty pumpkin beverages. The month where you can let your imagination run wild, as you create your Halloween costume. BUT, did you know that October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wear PINK! We wear pink to remember those we have lost to breast cancer. We wear pink to increase awareness. We wear pink to raise funds for research.

This October, the Service Learning Program wants to encourage you to honor, support, and raise awareness for Breast Cancer by wearing PINK.

Show your support by wearing pink, post a picture on your social media and hashtag #SLKCCpinktober

Follow @kccservice on twitter2




Ready…Set…Service Learn!!!

The summer semester is coming to an end! So now is the time to:

  • Get Ready!
  • Get Up!
  • Get Excited for new opportunities with the Service Learning Program!!

Here is what you have to do:

  • Visit – C102 to find out what’s going on and to sign up for new opportunities
  • Pass by our table in the C-cluster for flyers of our events
  • Follow us on our social media sites


So you’ve done all of these steps and you still haven’t found a project that you are interested in?


  • Work one on one with a Service Learning Team member to create or find a project that caters to your specific interest and needs!