Junior Achievement Deadline is Approaching

Hello Everyone,

As we head into November, so does the deadline to be apart of Junior Achievement for a Day.

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In collaboration with Junior Achievement of New York and National Grid, we create the opportunity for KCC students to connect with local elementary grade students through a day of classroom facilitation on topics ranging from financial literacy to community values.

This opportunity is open to KCC students of all majors. No prior experience working with children is required. As a JA Scholar, you are provided with training and resources to effectively teach and engage their students.

Note: Participating in this project counts as one (1) Civic Engagement credit. 

There is still time to stop by C-102 to sign up and learn more information about Junior Achievement. The deadline is Nov 5th.

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What is Service-Learning?

As a college student, there ware a variety of ways to explore future career options!

What is service-learning?

As a service-learning scholar, you are granted the opportunity to use what you learn through your academic coursework to solve real-life problems by working with one of Kingsborough’s community partners. While fulfilling needs within the community, you are granted the opportunity to gain direct, hands-on experience in a career field.

How is service-learning different from volunteerism and internships?

Volunteerism places the emphasis on the communities being served. On the other hand, students gain the most from internships, walking away with relevant career experience. With service-learning, EVERYBODY WINS! The community benefits through the service of a S-L scholar. At the same time, the scholar gains valuable life-long knowledge to use during his or her professional career.

Are there benefits to participating in KCC’s service-learning program?

  • Enhancement the learning of values, citizenship, and leadership skills
  • Learning workforce skills (this experience can be added to your resume!)
  • Developing contacts within Kingsborough and the community
  • Creating and fostering connections with people of diverse cultures and lifestyles
  • Provision of support (training and resources) from the Service-Learning Team at KCC

Okay, I’m interested, what do I have to do?

  • Be present, prompt, and positive at your service site
  • Complete field hours; complete duties agreed upon with service site
  • Actively learn about the service organization and the community being served
  • Reflecting in writing on the service-learning experience

Can you tell me about a recent service-learning project at Kingsborough?

Absolutely! Project A.C. E. partnered with a KCC art professor and her students to unite victims of domestic violence and their families by creating a “Tree of Life”. The students designed Illuminating Lanterns, each displaying a victim’s name; the students planned and coordinated every aspect of project.

ACE Design 2011 46

For more information about service-learning opportunities, stop by our office in C-102.

Hope to see you soon!

Service Opportunity

Junior Achievement for a Day @ P.S./I.S. 206

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to team up with your peers and PLAY/teach children in your community?

If you are interested in helping young people succeed, sign up to participate in Junior Achievement for the Day on Friday October 24, 2014 from 8:30 am to 3 pm!


Students are required to attend 3 days of training that will have the following :

  • Meet a representative from JA New York who will go over the interactive activities that you’ll be using to teach your class using age appropriate materials provided to us by JA
  • Etiquette workshop with a Career Specialist  (you will receive a certificate of attendance for the Etiquette Workshop)
  • Working with kids and positive reinforcement
  • FUN!!  FUN!!  FUN!!


Mandatory Training Dates:

Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

JA Day will be on October 24th (We will meet at PS/IS 206)

Training will be held at Kingsborough Community College Room C-216


JA for a Day Location:

P.S./I.S. 206 (Joseph F. Lamb)

2200 Gravesend Neck Road,

Brooklyn, NY 11229


To sign up or for more information please call (718)368- 5115 or visit us in C- 102

Today’s Reflection

This spring I was fortunate to discover that JA for a Day can change your outlook on life forever. In particular, Junior Achievement confirmed my desire to work with children and inspire them to fight for their dreams and to love school.

However, when I signed up for Junior Achievement in a day, a service learning program in   which you have the opportunity to teach children concepts and topics they aren’t familiar with, I didn’t know what to expect. In particular, I believed that I would make a fool out of myself and that children would think I was awkward because to them I was a boring adult. However, those thoughts were just useless fears. In fact, I told myself that all I needed to do was connect with my inner child and that way they’d appreciate me.

Indeed, after three weeks of training and preparing with other school mates, I was prepared to spend a day with the children. The class they assigned me and my group partner was a first grade class, a word that can sound fearful to anyone who starts a first teaching experience.

However, as soon as I was in front of the classroom, I beamed and my heart was filled with joy at the presence of such fantastic six-year olds who thought I was a teacher and who wanted to hear what I had to say. In particular, there was one little girl who always requested my attention and at the end of the day, when she hugged me goodbye I knew she was happy I taught her something new. That experience made me feel as if I was not only a mentor, but also a proud older sister.

Service learning changed my life because it allowed me to discover that I always want to work with children in the future, and in particular that I want to inspire them to become leaders, teachers, doctors, writers and anything they want to be.

If I had to encourage anyone to participate in service learning, I’d tell them that this volunteering opportunity allows you to make a difference in children’s lives and if you love children or teenagers, this program will help you inspire them.

Epifania Gallina

Faculty: Mandy Fraley and Bridget Ofori

Service Opportunity with Junior Achievement and PS206

Today’s Reflection

My Journey

My Journey began many years ago, all the way in the back of a classroom. Always hiding, always a shadow. Smart, but lacking confidence, too afraid to raise a hand, to afraid to ask or answer a question.

My first college experience wasn’t too good. Yes, I walked away with a degree but it was the wrong field. I didn’t do too well. I was never confident enough to pursue that field. I wound up taking one nowhere job after another. There was really no meaning to these jobs for me. I had been given an opportunity to return to school and something instinctively kept telling me to go back and try again. My return started out the same as my earlier experience, still a major lack of confidence, but I was in a field of interest. As my journey in Kingsborough Community College deepened, I came across faculty who saw something more in me. They pushed and encouraged me to get that inner voice to come out. I began to feel more confident and would say “wow someone wants to hear what I have to say or know how I feel”.

I found myself slowly inching my way to the front of the room. I felt enough confidence to answer a question if called upon. The encouragement continued and my progression from the back of the room to the front had followed. Through reflections and journal keeping, reading feedback on my papers, or just verbal praise, something clicked.

My major turnaround was when I began my first Domestic Violence Prevention Internship. Myself and fellow interns were instructed to create a presentation that would be effective in educating my peers as to the dangers of DV, as well as the warning signs. For the first time I was actually free to create something that would give my life a little meaning. This could help save someone, I would think to myself. After a few days, I looked at my fellow interns and began to feel that I wasn’t alone anymore. I saw they shared the same passion as I had to help others. With the encouragement from my professor, I joined Project A.C.E. as president. Who would have thought little ole me from the back of the room, president. My confidence rose higher, I felt a change in me. Without even realizing I slowly lead the internship, took an interest in promoting my new-found cause by creating brochures to be given out at the presentations, and revealed things about myself I never told anyone. I was shocked to see how quickly my fellow interns opened up as well. This took our presentation to a whole new direction, it was now filled with true experiences that made it more authentic. Throughout my internship, the professor kept encouraging us to be ourselves and express what we felt. We received praise, and at times comments of amazement for what we had done.

I remember after my first presentation for the first time I felt a true sense of pride and purpose. I saw most of my brochures disappear into the hands of my peers.I remember even having the courage to reveal that a story I told the audience was about me. This truly was an amazing experience.

I now only sit in the front of the room, eager to learn and participate in questions. It’s a huge change for me, having grown up with really no self-confidence or self-worth, no matter how I tried, I was never good enough. My life had really no meaning or purpose, my career choice was hidden away and many wrong choices have been made. I found because of the college faculties guidance and encouragement, I was able to find clarity as to what I really wanted to do and no fear of another wrong choice, and I now have a real sense of meaning and purpose in my life, as well as career decision, in every essence I found my voice.

On May 22, 2014 I stood up in front of peers and professionals and presented at an international conference, which is an illustration of the change in myself that brought about by faculty encouragement trust and confidence. Never would I have even dreamed that I would be writing about how much this experience has changed my life for the better, never mind being able to share it in front of a crowded room. Thank you for listening to my story.

Written by: Kristina Yiannaki


Mental Health, Concentration: Domestic Violence

Professor: Dr. Charles Guigno

Today’s Reflection

Prior to tutoring the basketball team, I felt a bit nervous. I wasn’t sure if I was good enough to help others with their papers. I wasn’t sure how the atmosphere would be, nor was I sure about how they would react to my help. I didn’t want this experience to seem as a punishment for either of us, and it wasn’t.

This program turned out to be the opposite of what I expected; it gave me a chance to interact with other members of the Kingsborough community, it allowed me to lend a helping hand though something I love which is reading and writing. This experience allowed me to practice editing, whether it’s my own assignment or someone else’s, it allowed me to learn and improve the common mistakes I make myself. This also made it easier because we are learning together and that to me is one of the best ways to learn. Another thing I enjoyed was the fact that every week we had a new partner. Not only does it allow us to meet new people but it also gives the team the option of picking the tutor they are most comfortable with.

This whole experience taught me how important and exciting it is to help one another and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

-Kristal Lewis

Journalism student at Kingsborough Community College

Professor: Patrick Hickey & Frank Percaccio

Thank a Veteran Today- Here’s our thanks from Kingsborough to all our our Vet’s

Attention Kingsborough military members, reservists, veterans and their dependents,

We would like to thank you for your service and continued dedication to this country. Now, let us serve you.

The link below is a video that Student Affair’s put together to commemorate and celebrate YOU!


Please join us today in celebrating your service to our country! We have placed American flags by the memorial outside of the breezeway to signify the 250 veterans we have on campus.


Also, please visit the cafeteria bulletin board. We have created a map of America for students to place an X in the locations where you or your family members are currently deployed, stationed, or may have served. 


I would also like to offer a special Thank you to our Kingsborough staff who made it possible for the rest of us to support and give the thanks to our veterans they deserve

Peter Cohen, Dean of Student Affairs

 Brian Mitra, Associate Dean

Marisa Joseph, Associate Director of Career Services

Alexandra McDonald, Veteran Liaison Coordinator

Peaches Diamond, Certifying Officer and Veterans Program Specialist

and all the point of contacts of the students affairs Department


PROGRAM OVERVIEW: Service-learning opportunities combine experiential learning and service to the community, allowing Kingsborough students to become active participants in a unique learning process. Through this particular opportunity, students will receive firsthand experience working with elderly individuals at a local Senior Center in Brooklyn. Students will have the opportunity to engage seniors in a broad range of skill-building experiences by developing activities and educational workshops.

QUALIFICATIONS: This opportunity is open to any student enrolled at or graduated from Kingsborough Community College. Students from all majors are welcome to participate, however students should demonstrate an interest in one or more of the following fields: healthcare (i.e., pre-clinical, nursing), mental health, psychology, sociology, social science, public health, culinary arts, or art (i.e., fine arts, graphic design). Students must also be dedicated to community outreach and personal-development.

• Offers the opportunity to apply your knowledge and interests to real life experiences in the community.
• Provides a chance to gain knowledge and expertise from the community.
• Allows for exploration of career options.
• Facilitates the development of contacts within the community and your field of interest.
• Gain invaluable skills that are transferable to the workforce.
• Develop connections with people of diverse cultures and lifestyles.
• Provides legitimate workplace experience that can strengthen your resume.

REQUIREMENTS: Students must attend all workshops on the following days:

All Meetings are on Thursday, 10- 12noon

• October 3
• October 10
• October 24
• November 7
• November 14
• November 21 – Day of event 12- 4PM

HOW TO GET INVOLVED: Students interested in participating should visit C-102 or contact Mandy Fraley or Kali Rowe at (718) 368- 5115/5656. Students can also sign up via email at servicelearning@kbcc.cuny.edu. Please provide us with your full name, major, and contact information. The last day to sign up is Wednesday, October 2, 2013.